We can help you remove online complaints. Our Reputation Management service is specifically designed to remove high ranking complaint links from the top search results. We also specialize in having complaints and unwanted links completely deleted in some cases.

The most common way to handle an online complaint that is ranking high on Google and other search engines is to bury the links and push them lower within search results. Most internet users typically do not venture beyond the first 2-3 pages of Google, Yahoo, and Bing. By lowering where a complaint ranks on Google (and others) you will certainly lower the number of people who find it and read it.

Regardless of what you have heard from an attorney or other source it is extremely hard to force a website (SUE THEM) in to removing an online complaint. Most complaint websites, if not all, are protected by the communication decency act – (CDA) which more or less states that an internet service provider (like them) is not legally responsible for the content that a “user” posts on their website. This Law or rule applies to forums, blog comments, blog providers, free webpage hosting providers, and any website that allows a “user” to post content.

To remove complaints from the top of search results you must launch a broad reputation management campaign that will (over time) help push the bad links down. Some of the tactics used to remove complaints are listed below:

  • High PageRank Blog Posting Campaign
  • Micro Domain Campaign (Your-Name.com – Your-Name.net)
  • Social Network Optimization
  • Social Profile Creation
  • Press Release Campaigns
  • Link Building Campaign (Back Links)
  • Promote Existing Positive Links With SEO and Link Building
  • Promotional Video Distribution
  • Twitter Account Building + Follower Campaign
  • Business Directory Saturation
  • And More…

ReputationFriendly.com has helped hundreds of businesses and individuals remove complaints and unwanted negative links from the top of Google, Yahoo, and Bing. For more information contact us today.