Remove Online Defamation

Online defamation of character happens all the time and there are many ways to combat this internet graffiti that shows up about your name. Online defamation can pop up anywhere and it will remain online for eternity unless you take action. Remove online defamation with the help of our online defamation attorney trained associates.

Internet & Online Defamation Defense

On the Internet, where anomalous behavior is the status quo, tempers can flare in the heat of debate and word wars can last for days or even weeks.  It’s not unusual for users to ridicule, harass or insult those whom they feel have wronged them. Internet defamation is a very common occurrence and can happen top both businesses and individuals.

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The law of defamation has been defined in the West for centuries, and Internet Defamation holds to that same basic sketch with a few twists. Defamation is the act of making a false statement to a third party that damages the subject’s reputation. There are 2 categories of Defamation, 1  being Libel and 2 being Slander. Libel is Defaming in a printed forum, such as a newspaper or magazine. Slander is spoken Defamation, and could be made person-to-person, or also broadcast over a radio or television.
Technically, Defamation is legally defined as below:

  1. A false and defamatory statement regarding another;
  2.  Unprivileged publication of the claim to a third party;
  3.  Rising, in the case of matters of public concern, to at least negligence by the publisher, or worse; and
  4. Damages to the subject.

Internet or online defamation can occur in many formats and media. With the birth of the internet and search engines came the offspring in the form of blogs, forums, videos, reviews sites, and more. Business can find themselves a victim of malicious smear campaigns launched by greed fueled competitors. Individuals are easily attacked online and can find themselves the subject matter of negative online posts and discussions.

Internet defamation is hard to deal with using traditional legal remedies. One of the most effective ways to deal with internet defamation is to launch an online reputation management campaign. can help you repair your online reputation and shield it from future online attacks.