Reputation Management & SEO Content Creation Services

Let Help You Control The 1st Page Of Google and the SERPs With Powerful High Ranking Content. Perfect For Reputation Management Campaigns and Reputation Management Companies That Need To Outsource A Little Hard work!

Our content service might help out some of your displacement campaigns:

  • Blog Posting Campaigns – Write-Ups – Reviews – Expert Articles all seeded with your specific name or business in order to feed search engines with more positive content about you or your business name.  Niche organic Google friendly and search engine friendly blog posts that are topic specific. A blog post campaign can help grab a page 1 ranking asset (Spot) for your name.
  • Press Release Distribution – Flood top ranked news release websites with your press releases. We use a list of fast indexing Google friendly PR Sites to submit your press releases to. Each PRD campaign can include 2-3 keywords for ranking factors. We can write press releases for you or you provide us with a rough draft or ready to publish copy. We have over 150 total PR Sites in our database and 45 of them are premium high ranking sites.
  • Article Distribution – One of our link building tactics and search engine magnets. Creating industry specific and on-topic articles seeded with your name or company name will help secure Google Friendly back links and rich content to be indexed by Google.
  • Directories – We love directories and can use your business name or name in the title and description of directory submissions. We use 350-500 online directories including industry specific ones for Doctors, Lawyers, Landscaping, Moving, Real Estate, Web Design, Locksmiths, and more.
  • Social Media Accounts – Establish and optimized – Anyone can create a FB account and twitter. We go deeper by creating dozens of social media accounts using or list of fast indexing high ranking social networks and sharing platforms. We do not just create and account and say DONE! – We create, optimize 100%, add images, obtain followers, and initiate interaction. By following up with regular log-ins and updates these social accounts will begin to rise and outrank negative content or support other content that will.
  • Twitter Followers & Facebook Fans – Instagram Followers 
  • Social Bookmarking  – On sites like Digg, Stumbleupon, etc… Social book marking can be done quickly and still look natural and can drastically improve ranking of pages and content. We can administer 50 to 1000 social bookmarks depending on the results you wish to obtain.
  • Document Allocating Service – Document sharing sites like Scribd and Docstoc will allow documents to obtain backlinks with anchor text we can submit articles, press release copy, ad any documents you want! These will rank well and make a great alternative content.  We use over 30 Doc sharing sites.
  • Micro Sites – Creating mini-sites for clients. These micro sites are 1-3 page sites optimized to rank high on Google for your name. We create and host!
  • Micro Review Sites – Creating a micro review site for Google to index is a powerful technique we use to control what reviews show up on Page 1 of Google for a business. An example would be which features Pop-A-Lock as the client sample (Featured Sitewide).  $199.00 Review sites! Or add to a campaign package.
  • YouTube Video Sharing – Submission to Video sites and video sharing services. Get a youtube video or entire channel on page one of Google for your name. Powerful service! Control Google with Videos Displayed on page 1.
  • Free Blogging Sites – We create 50+ free blogs and add content to them. These will rank well and drive link popularity to your “Money Sites” and also drive new leads and customers. High ranking mini-blogs work well.
  • Article writing services – We will create articles about your industry and seed your name within the content and credits sections. We or you can then use as blog post content or submit t article sites.
  • Image site build – Dominate the image search section Google with your content 
  • Need 50 domains hosted on a mix of servers with 50 wordpress blogs installed and starter content? We can do that. Turn-around time 5 days or less.