Can I Sue Ripoff Report?


Why suing RipOff Report is not a good idea and will end in failure

Before you think about suing the ripoff report site, please understand that RipOff Report is protected by the Communications Decency Act. This Act eliminates RipOff Report’s responsibility and accountability, even if a post is proven false and defamatory in court. Many have sued the website itself, but without success, because of this Act. This is why submitting a court order for Google to de-index the search result is the better way to go (this method is costly and requires some guidance which we can assist you with). Even if you have a strong case against RipOff Report, it is a very expensive process that will costs you thousands of dollars with no guaranteed outcome. You may even be ordered to pay RoR’s legal costs just as others in the past have had too. It is not a good idea to sure them or the owner Ed Magedson. You can sue the original author and if you can prove the comments or report is false and defamatory you get a court ordering the removal of the report and this court order can be sent to Google and they will deindex the website. This is a very delicate process  and even the most internet savvy attorneys usually fail at this. e have helped hundreds of people with the deindex process.

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